New Semester and an Update

Well, those two months went rather quickly, didn’t they? And no, I didn’t forget about my blog. Quite the contrary: I agonized again and again over how neglected my little space on the web was becoming. This time, though, I was actively waiting until it felt appropriate to produce something. That date kept slipping further and further away. This included updates on my classwork, my ongoing game projects, my work at Phoenix Online Studios, as well as the research project I was working on for the first half of last year. I’m going to try to address as many of these as I can, and talk about the upcoming semester in this post.

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Developer DIary: The Doors Are Frozen Shut

So last week I promised you visuals.  So here are some visuals.

Amazing aren’t they? Just stunning!  Ok, I know I’m not much of an artist.  I’m going for super minimalism here, because that means it has to be clean and orderly, as well as being really abstract.  Which means that there’s no need for fancy graphics and all that.  This makes it easier on me, since I’ve carved out a wonderfully complex path for myself in the code.  Fortunately, I am better at coding than I am at art, so I’m willing to take on this challenge I have given myself.

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The Doors Are Frozen Shut: An Introduction

So, as promised, I would like to introduce you all to my replacement project for my game design class this semester.  The project is titled “The Doors Are Frozen Shut” and it is about being trapped in a building during a snow storm with neighbors you barely know.  Here is a title screen mockup that I made in class while the instructor was droning on about something:

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