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I like making games. I like making games so much, in fact, that it is primarily what I want to do with my life. The problem is that I like to make games that aren’t quite on the beaten path. I enjoy making experiments. If making a game can better articulate what I want to say, then that is what I will want to do. As such, I view games as an expressive medium. Games are a place to tell stories (but not all stories). Games are a place to experience something you otherwise could not. Games are for growth, for learning and, yes, fun.  I want to make games because they provide such access to a person. Players embody games. They play games as a part of them. The games change them and alter their identities.  Games can offer a unique perspective to the telling of a story. Games ask the player, “What would you do?” and “What can you do?” Players explore a game’s story by forming it.  For these reasons, and more, I make games.

This page is provided here as a catch for my game projects.








  • Trash: A Story of Uncertainty [Download]
    • A computer simulation placing the player in the shoes of a pressured graduate student who must sacrifice his work.
    • Made in 48 hours for Mini Ludum Dare 53 “The Future Is Now”


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