About Me

BlueMainMy name is Michael Thomét and I am a game designer specializing in narrative experiences. I hold an MA in English (Rhetoric and Composition) where I did research on play styles and narrative in games. I am currently finishing up my MFA in digital art and new media, where I have designed a number of games, each focusing on narrative experiences.

I spend more than a usual amount of time thinking about games, both those I have played and those I want to make. Much of this thought surrounds how the designers are providing for a specific experience, and how they use various narrative techniques to get the player to feel exactly what is needed for that experience.

This is my older, wordpress blog. Here you will find a rather wide assortment of things, from games I have made, things I have written, and random things in between.

You can visit my main site at http://incobalt.me.
You can also visit me on twitter at @incobalt.

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