Technobabylon Part II – Finally!

So a few months ago I said I would do this whole series.  Time sure gets away from you, doesn’t it?  It’s ridiculous, too, considering that I just played through this game in two hours and made all my notes for this post.  Granted, I knew what I was doing (except for a brief hang-up involving cooking gel and a hand), so it wouldn’t take me as long as it takes someone new to the game, but it’s still on the short side.

Speaking of being new to the game, if you are, I suggest you stop now.  Go here and download the game.  Play it.  Then come back.  Why?  Because I’m not holding off on the spoilers in any way shape or form.  This game *has* spoilers, so let’s just make sure that you know long ahead of time that there are many spoilers to come.

And if you didn’t get it: SPOILERS!

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A Glance at Technobabylon – Part I

Today, and over the next few days, I am going to be doing something different.  I am going to take a look at a game I have enjoyed and discuss it.  I feel the game has gone overlooked by bloggers, particularly those looking for a good indie game that casts a critical look on the future.  The game is called Technobabylon, and it currently has three parts (with one on the way), so I will be making three posts (and another when the next one comes out).  I bet you’re wondering, “What the hell is Thechnobabylon?” and I don’t blame you for not knowing what it is.  Technobabylon is an indie adventure game made by a person under the name of Technocrat.  It can be found on the Adventure Game Studio [AGS] games page (here).  It like a number of games found on that website, are often overlooked, most of the gaming community don’t even know they exist.  Technobabylon owns some fame to regulars of the AGS site, as it was recently picked as a game of the month (for November 2010), but it still has only a few looks at the game outside of the site.  The following may contain spoilers, and I’m not going to try to beat around the bush trying to keep spoilers from you.  Play the game first and then read.  At this time I have played the first and second parts, but not the third.  I will try to confine myself to as if I had only played the first part for this post, and then expound on the first part when I get to the second part (provided there are connections, and trust me, there are).

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