Making the Epic of Sadko: Overall Update

Today, I am providing you with an overall update on The Epic of Sadko. As you may know, I am developing The Epic of Sadko as part of my course credit for a class I am taking on game engine design. One of the upcoming deadlines for this is our final design document and a presentation of the game design. Of course a design document is never really done (I’ve submitted my “final” one twice already), but having submitted this document, I feel like I have a good idea of how a lot of the game will work and what people should expect. With that in mind, I’m going to give an update on some ideas I’ve come up with over the past few weeks.

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Making the Epic of Sadko: Skills (Part 1)

Hello all. This post I’m going to discuss skills in The Epic of Sadko, which I said I would in the last post. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about skills for this game, and I’m still not done thinking about it yet. It is for this reason that this is Skills (Part 1), as I will need to update this later. Additionally, the skills for the game are one of the largest parts of the game, so there will be many updates down the road as skills become implemented. Before I get right into the skills, though, I’m going to give a brief update on the status of the game overall.

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Making the Epic of Sadko: Using Mindmaps and Making Changes

This is an overall update on the work I’ve done for the Epic of Sadko over the last week. This one will be a bit less technical than usual, as I’m still mostly in the planning phase and haven’t started really writing any code specifically for the game. Instead, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting all the details worked out, and changing some things that weren’t quite working when I was designing the game the last time. I’ll detail all of those changes here today, and explain my overall planning process. I’m going to start with the process first, and then go onto the more specifics. Future posts might focus on one of the topics discussed below.

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