Going On Hold Again

So I’ve been pretty quiet the last few weeks, and there’s a good reason. Unfortunately, that reason means things are going to go on hold. As I mentioned recently, I quit my job. It had been my intention to sit down and work on The Epic of Sadko this summer. A few things are getting in the way of that. There is a narrative to be told into this rash of events that have led up to me being where I am today.

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Life Updates

Hey everyone. I’ve already mentioned this over on my Facebook page, but thought I would put something here. If you’ve read about this over there, then you’ll find that here there will be a little more detail and process, instead of just the effects that I put over there. This is a life update about my job, my career and my future.

To put it short, I’m quitting my job, and I am not looking for another one.

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The Last Six Months — In Brief

So I promised that I would give an update of what happened while I was not here.  And a number of things did happen.

In November, I applied to my first grad school.  This I announced in my last post before I came back.  I did not apply for another one until December.  The problem?  Money.  With it being the holiday season, and I having only been at my job for a few months, I had not the savings that I needed to be able to pay for a) application fees and b) transcript processing.  The drive to work was killing my gas tank and I wasn’t able to save much money for anything I did.  So the second place I applied was the school I graduated from, Arizona State University.  The defeated feeling I felt from having to do this was strong and likely kept me from being social for a while.  I probably hedged out friendships and pushed people away, some of whom aren’t going to come back.  At the time I couldn’t help it, but it didn’t make anything better.  So, December was a slow spiral for me.  December was also when I abandoned my attempt at making a very good writing sample for my applications, and instead revamped an old paper into a much better paper [You can read it here!].  This was still a lot of work, mind you, but it means that I still have not written my paper on player styles.  It will probably become one of my seminar papers.

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