New Semester and an Update

Well, those two months went rather quickly, didn’t they? And no, I didn’t forget about my blog. Quite the contrary: I agonized again and again over how neglected my little space on the web was becoming. This time, though, I was actively waiting until it felt appropriate to produce something. That date kept slipping further and further away. This included updates on my classwork, my ongoing game projects, my work at Phoenix Online Studios, as well as the research project I was working on for the first half of last year. I’m going to try to address as many of these as I can, and talk about the upcoming semester in this post.

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Heaving a Huge Sigh of Relief

Goodness it’s been a while. These last few weeks have been nothing but rush to get significant work done on three projects that plagued be throughout the semester. But they are done for now and I can relax for a little bit. What I’m going to do today is recap the last four months or so, and explain what I am going to be doing this Summer. I’m going to do this in the following way:

  1. A list of the games I played or watched plays of (via roommate or YouTube)
  2. An update on the game project for the semester (The Doors Are Frozen Shut)
  3. An update on the narrative project
  4. An update on the player types project
  5. My plan for the next 3.5 months

I have made links so that you can skip past things like the lest of games. If the more link is showing below, then you’ll need to hit it to use the links. So without further ado.

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