Developer DIary: The Doors Are Frozen Shut

So last week I promised you visuals.  So here are some visuals.

Amazing aren’t they? Just stunning!  Ok, I know I’m not much of an artist.  I’m going for super minimalism here, because that means it has to be clean and orderly, as well as being really abstract.  Which means that there’s no need for fancy graphics and all that.  This makes it easier on me, since I’ve carved out a wonderfully complex path for myself in the code.  Fortunately, I am better at coding than I am at art, so I’m willing to take on this challenge I have given myself.

You will notice in the center of the images there is text that says either “Talk” or “Repair”. Eventually, these will change to graphics, but for now text is faster. Repair is the first skill that is being implemented in the game.  Talking is a standard action and is handled differently from skills.  So far, I have just implemented the ability to change between the modes and click on things using those modes. They don’t do anything fundamental yet.  I have also implemented a function for characters to observe actions happening and adjust their perception of the character performing those actions. Nothing can actually see actions happening, yet, but when that goes in place, people can react to it.

My goal, right now, is to make the game as much as possible with only the repair skill, and then add in more skills as time allows. Repair was the initial idea for the first skill, so it gets done first. Also, it is easy to implement. Things break. You fix them, preferably while others are watching.  The ultimate goal is to make a game that is a social simulation, in which the player wants the other characters to like him or her.

This is all based upon the work of Chris Crawford (Chris Crawford on Interactive Narrative).  I mentioned his work last time, and I don’t know if I have enough gumption to go through a whole post on the book tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. I feel like it will be short, but don’t want to leave anything out.

The next minor goals for the game are going to be implementing objects that can be repaired (and that can break themselves), as well as setting up viewing actions.


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