Interweaving Narrative Structures with Ludic Environments

This is a paper I did for ENG 494 “Experimental Narrative,” which I took in Fall 2008.  It is purely a research paper, discussing the various theories I could find about narrative and game co-mingling.  I find this kind of work interesting, as it looks at what a lot of people say about the same subject, but I have certain misgivings about the usefulness of it.
The paper grounds itself in definitions of “Narrative” and “Game.” Indeed, a good half of the paper is spent in defining these two terms by fusing various definitions together (Similar to Juul’s “The Game, the Player, the World”, which was used heavily for the definition of “game”).
One of my strongest research interests is in how narrative interacts with play in a game.  Unlike another paper I have written with similar issues as this one, I find this paper very useful in discussing theories.  I don’t think that I particularly ascribe to any one theory; I believe more work needs to be done. This is, in fact, the basis of most of my research. Note: this paper is old and certainly not exhaustive.  I rewrote the paper for my admissions writing sample to graduate school (which is a much better paper).
You can acquire the document here, or you can read the text on its own page.

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