Database: Kwelos

Kwelos (Artist's Rendering)


Alien Race Specification: Kwelos

Common Designation: Three Arm Body Alien

Alien Classification: Class 3 Alien (Capable of limited communication, but not direct communication)

Average Height: 2.3 Meters (7 feet 6 inches)

Average Weight:  90 KG (198 lbs)*

Number of Limbs: 3**

Body Structure:

  • One head with three limbs (arms), two lidded eyes and one sound receptacle (ear hole).
  • One torso with feeding hole and waste-delivery hole.
  • Two detachable pivot-point feet.

Special Characteristics:

  • Head hovers above the body via a complicated electron field.
  • Head may be forced down into body, which creates a rapid synaptic transfer between the body and the head. This transfer is highly pleasurable to the Kwelos, and is considered a sexual function.
  • Sleeps upright by removing feet.  Feet remain alive while detached from the body for about a day.
  • Feet are similar to animal horns, but can be attached to the body in a process similar to magnetism.\
  • Each hand ends in five fingers, laid out in  star pattern. Each finger is opposable to each other finger, and each is made of three segments.
  • Kwelos communicate directly by electron transfer via the palms of their hands.
  • Kwelos also reproduce via electron transfer between one’s center hand and another’s abdomen.  No Kwelos can reproduce with their own body.
  • Offspring are birthed through the feeding hole, in a separate tract from the digestive system.
  • Kwelos intake air through pores in the skin.


  • Kwelos assign different societal functions to each hand.
    • The left hand is for communication. Kwelos communicate with each other electronically by slapping each other with the left hand.  They also write and perform social gestures with the left hand.
    • The right hand is for work. Kwelos operate machines and tools with the right hand.  They also make art with the right hand, and conduct acts of violence with it.
    • The center hand is for pleasure. Kwelos primarily use this hand to feed themselves, play with others or during sexual activity.
  • The center hand is most often stowed in the upper loupe of a harness that all Kwelos wear. Doing so protects the feeding hole from harm.
  • The lower loupe is for stowing a hand that is not in use.
  • It is considered obscene to use a hand for something other than the societal purpose, even though they know that everyone does it.

* As the Kwelos have floating heads, it is very difficult to garner an accurate weight for them. Weight is not much of a concern to the Kwelos, socially.

** Only the arms are counted, as their feet do not have any function other than locomotion and cannot be considered limbs.


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