Brief: ChatChat

Ever since he started working on it during Ludum Dare, I had been wondering what Terry Cavanagh would produce.  He would say things like “it’s a game about being a cat” and then things like “network coding is tough”.  I’ve been intrigued and amused for a while, but I wasn’t sure it was ever going to go anywhere.  So what happened today? Terry Cavanagh released ChatChat on Kongragate.

This is Chat Chat

Terry Cavanaugh's ChatChat

So what is ChatChat?  Well, it’s a game about being a cat.  And there are other cats. And you can chat with them. There is a picture of it over on the right. In the picture, you can see people talking, entering and exiting rooms, and getting points.

Perhaps it is a bit silly, and perhaps it isn’t as exciting as some of Terry Cavanagh’s other games (like Phobiaphobiaphobia I just played) but it is an interesting little anecdote into the life of a cat amongst others. Go check it out if you’d like.


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