Into the Dark for You: A Postmortem

Finally I am getting around to writing a postmortem for “Into the Dark for You”.  “Into the Dark for You” [ITDFY] is the game I submitted this past weekend to Ludum Dare (#22) the 48 hour game design competition. ITDFY can be obtained here. It is recommended that you play it, if you can, before reading too far as I’m just about to ruin the whole game for you.
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I made a little game this last week for the Ludum Dare 22 Warmup Week.  The game is called “YOU CAN’T GO BACK” and you can get it here (direct). I thought I would spend some time before Ludum Dare actually kicks off (in two hours as I write this) to discuss my Warmup Week process.  I will be explaining the entirety of “YOU CAN’T GO BACK” here, including how it was designed and how the game works. As such, if you’re on a Windows machine and you want to play it first, go do that before reading on!

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For the Love of Salt: A Prelude

On November 26th, 2011, I finished a prototypical game as a portion of my fulfillment of one of my graduate classes this semester.  The game, For the Love of Salt: A Prelude, was an attempt to address the notion that story is reserved for easier modes in gameplay.  Here I will give a brief background on how the project started, and then explain what I think worked and what I think didn’t work.  I will end with what I think needs to be done going forward to form this into fortified theory.

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