A Quick Update

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but expect that to change once the 5th rolls around.  The 5th is the last day of classes for me.  I thought I would make a post about what to expect in the upcoming month.

First: my backlog.

I have the notes for Technobabylon Part III already done.  I’ve had that for months, actually.  I even started the post… in September.  I just haven’t had time to dump it into the post.

I was also supposed to do a post on each book I read for my games in culture class.  I may skip this.  Many of my posts this semester have been inspired by that class, and there may have been posts I made in that class that are applicable here.

Second: Games.

I think I posted about most of the games I played this semester at least once.  Most notable are Deus Ex and Catherine.  I did, however, try to play Dragon Age Origins (really tried), and should write about that.  Looming over my head is also Skyrim.  I made a brief post about it, but I haven’t really written about my experience with it yet.  I have a lot of games on my backlog right now (including Dark Souls and Dragon Warrior Monsters Joker 2).  So I will try to play those at least a little during the break and see how I feel about them.  Pulling myself away from Skyrim is going to be hard though.

Third: Projects.

I need to do a formal write up on my recent game: For the Love of Salt: A Prelude [See Also]. I am giving a presentation on it tomorrow, and I will put my slides (and script) up when I can (pecha kucha style, mind).  I also want to write what I plan to do for my other project (which has no link because I have somehow avoided talking about it here).

On the 16th, I will be participating in Ludum Dare.  When that’s done, I will be writing up what I did right/wrong, and make the finished product available when I’m able to.  Don’t expect anything from me on the 16th or 17th.

I think that that’s all I have planned, but time changes everything.  See you all in a week or so.


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