Brief: Players Who Might Like Skyrim

I recently replied to someone who asked, “Is this Skyrim game fun?”  If you don’t know, I have been doing research into play styles (or how we play games).  My reply to this person was that the idea of “fun” was too complex and that different games appeal to different people.  Then I ran my initial thoughts of Skyrim through the DGD1 model from Bateman and Boon (21st Century Game Design), which makes a (newer than Bartle 1996) typology of players based on Myers-Briggs personality types (as well as the Keirsey Temperament Sorter).  This was the results of my initial thinking:

I’m guessing that Skyrim will appeal most to the DGD1 Manager type.  This covers people in the Myers-Briggs realm of ISTP, INTP, ENTP, ESTP types.

Wanderers may also enjoy it, due to the ADD nature of the game (they aren’t pressured to do anything) Wanderers are comprised of the INFP, ENFP, ISFP, ESFP types.

Conquerors may not like it because it isn’t a game that is simple to “beat”.  There aren’t as clear of goals in the game, and there may be too much freedom of play for them.  Conquerors comprise the ISTP, INTP, ENTP, ESTP types.

Participants may be the least likely to enjoy Skyrim, as it is a single player game, requires a large time commitment, and cannot be played in short bursts.  The Participant type comprises the ESFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ, INFJ types.


This is just a quick consideration, and I haven’t played that much of the game yet.  I’m willing to be wrong, and I welcome discussion.


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