So I’ve finally done it; I’ve joined the blog-o-sphere.  I’ve been reluctant to do this as I had not considered anything I might say here as being worthwhile or even interesting.  Lately, though, I’ve been realizing that I have some things that I would like to talk about and so I’ve joined the blogging community.  What I’m hoping for is to get myself writing on a more regular basis, about topics I am keenly interested in.  I would also like to start interacting with the community that I’m hoping to soon enter and get my voice heard by people in the field.

I suppose I should write a little bit about myself here.  My name is Michael Thomét.  I currently consider myself a games researcher and a writer.  I am relatively new to the concept of “games studies,” but then most people in that field are also relatively new (when compared to other kinds of media studies).  I was introduced to the field in 2008 when I took my first class that was about games.  Before then, I considered myself a game designer and a creative writer.  While I can still wear the hat as a game designer, and while I still have notions of writing creatively, I have moved away from those roles to focus more specifically on the study of games and how they do the amazing things that they do.  Even still, when I am trying out a new idea or theory about games, I’m probably going to set about trying to make a game that uses the theory.  Granted, trying and finishing are two different things.

Biographically, I am from Arizona.  I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English (with a concentration of creative writing).  It took me six and a half years to get the degree, picking up an Associates in Chemistry.  I’m currently pursuing graduate studies in  I have made one “game,” called “Neighbors,” which is available on my portfolio site (along with a process paper about how I went about making it).  I’ve written a few papers for classes about games, which can also be found on my portfolio site.  Like I said, I’m relatively new to the field, but I’ve been thinking about games my entire life.

So here’s what you might expect from me here.  I’m likely to write about experimental ideas I have for games to try and address some kind of problem or work toward innovation.  This won’t be writing about a “game idea,” whereby I would describe a specific case of something I would want to make.  Instead it would be describing some concept or theory that might be interesting to try in games (and why and what problems it might solve/create).  These I’m going to file under “Game Theory.”  I might also write something about someone in the games studies field, an overview of theories presented by that person.  These will go under “People.”  I might also write about a game I have recently (or not so recently) played, intending to talk about it from a critical point of view (perhaps pointing out problems that the game exhibits).  These will go under “Playings.”  I know that I’m going to write about games research that I’ve read (I have two that I’m considering at the time of this posting).  These will go under “Readings.”  Finally, as I’m currently looking for grad school, I’m going to be writing on the process I’ve gone through to find schools, apply, and (with any hope) how to get accepted (and then what to do from there).  This will go under “Schooling.”  That’s what I expect to talk about for now, but you never know what I’ll end up with in the long run.  I’m hoping to write one blog post a week, but experience has shown to me that trying to do something “once a week” tends to deteriorate over time, so we’ll see.


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